Monday, July 25, 2011

Videos from Friendly Water for the World Training

Disinfecting the Outlet with Bleach Water

p.53 Biosand Filter Manual

Construct the Difuser Plate

pp. 33-44 Biosand Filter Manual

Sieving the Sand and Gravel

pp. 18-22

Loading the Filter

pp. 49-59

Preparing the Mold

pp. 27-30

Extracting the Filter

pp. 31-32

Making Concrete

pp. 28-30

Sieve Set Construction

Appendix 2

Sources of Water – Suzanne Livingston

Question and Answer Session

More Q & A

Travel Insurance

Hygiene and Sanitation

Sand Sieve Analysis

Maintenance of Biosand Water Filter

p. 54

Budgeting Projects

Appendix 6

Water Quality Testing

Prosper Ndabishuriye - Burundi

Keith, Deborah, & Avalon Theisen

Naimat Gilal – Pakistan

Tips for Traveling Overseas

Honduras Medical Project

Dr. Jonathan Hibbs

Kids and Friendly Water for the World

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