Monday, July 25, 2011

Videos from Friendly Water for the World Training

Disinfecting the Outlet with Bleach Water

p.53 Biosand Filter Manual

Construct the Difuser Plate

pp. 33-44 Biosand Filter Manual

Sieving the Sand and Gravel

pp. 18-22

Loading the Filter

pp. 49-59

Preparing the Mold

pp. 27-30

Extracting the Filter

pp. 31-32

Making Concrete

pp. 28-30

Sieve Set Construction

Appendix 2

Sources of Water – Suzanne Livingston

Question and Answer Session

More Q & A

Travel Insurance

Hygiene and Sanitation

Sand Sieve Analysis

Maintenance of Biosand Water Filter

p. 54

Budgeting Projects

Appendix 6

Water Quality Testing

Prosper Ndabishuriye - Burundi

Keith, Deborah, & Avalon Theisen

Naimat Gilal – Pakistan

Tips for Traveling Overseas

Honduras Medical Project

Dr. Jonathan Hibbs

Kids and Friendly Water for the World

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Project in the News

Many thanks to Friendly Water for the World for the mention in their July newsletter about our project! FWW is a great organization, and they have a fantastic water and sanitation program!

Monday, July 18, 2011

South Sudan's New Constitution

South Sudan has an interim constitution now, and while it is very hard to find, Gach has found a copy of it. It has a lot of potenital problems, but a lot of things done right. What do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. The full document (86 pages) is linked here in PDF format.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seven Graduates: Trainers for Water and Sanitation

Congratulations to Gach, Koang, Peter, Susanne, Nyereu, Jessica and Destiny for completing the water and sanitation certification training with Friendly Water for the World. This team is now certified to train in the construction of biosand water filters and sanitation and hygiene.

Together with others from around the world, we learned how to spread the "wealth" that is clean water, health and water security.

If you're wondering what the next steps might be, we also need individuals trained in latrine construction. As surface water is the primary source of water, and the water table sits at just 11 feet below the surface, it is critical to have quality sewage control to reduce the risk of contaminating water. We're coordinating a training to be held in Kent. Please let us know if you are interested in attending, and willing to commit to at least 2 weeks of travel in early 2012 to South Sudan. More photos from the water training are in the Flickr stream and on Facebook. :) Just look us up "klcsouthsudan."

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Independence Day South Sudan!

South Sudan's National Anthem

Oh God

We praise and glorify you

For your grace on South Sudan,

Land of great abundance

Uphold us united in peace and harmony.

Oh motherland

We rise raising flag with the guiding star

And sing songs of freedom with joy,

For justice, liberty and prosperity

Shall forever more reign.

Oh great patriots

Let us stand up in silence and respect,

Saluting our martyrs whose blood

Cemented our national foundation,

We vow to protect our nation

Oh God bless South Sudan.

Independence Day celebrations are being held in Seattle at the Church By the Side of The Road, and also in Portland. Kent Lutheran also has a booth at the Kent Cornucopia Days fair on Saturday to spread the word about independence day.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Water Training, Day 3

Today, July 4, we are at the third of five days of training with Friendly Water for the World where we'll learn to create biosand water filters. We're celebrating A different kind of freedom. Freedom from protozoa, from typhoid and cholera, bacteria and illness and premature death, accessible to all regardless of wealth or class, because everyone deserves it. That sounds a lot like "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" to me, don't you think?

We're hot, tired and sunburned, well, Jessica is sunburned. Class has been starting at 9:00 which means a 7:30 am departure from KLC, and we have been returning between 8pm-10pm at night. The work during the day has kept us busy, so no big blog tonight, just a link to some fun photos.

One very interesting thing we learned today is a testing method for determining good filter sand versus bad filter sand, and how to decide where to dig our sand from. Beach sand won't work as particles are too rounded, and the salt cannot be removed. All other sand needs to be as free as possible from pollutants and dust. Naturally, it isn't likely to be like that, but we learned a clever test for determining the best place to dig to save ourselves a lot of extra sand carrying, and sand washing, to ensure that all of the sand and gravel falls within the right size and volume ranges. It will help us to plan our quarry project (i.e., where to dig and where to store sand).

Photos from training so far are on Facebook.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 1 of Water School

Today was the first of five days of classes with Friendly Water for the World where we are learning to build biosand water filters. We have an energetic and diverse team of seven "builders" from Kent Lutheran alone, including speakers of English, Arabic, Swahili, Nuer, Dinka, and Amharic.

Today we met other missionaries from around the world including India, South Africa, Kenya, Burundi, Nicaragua, Mexico and probably at least a couple more that I (Jessica) forgot. The fellowship is fantastic. As our new friend Prosper Nbabishuriye of Burundi says, "It is your work, it is my work, it is our work, so it is God's work."

Half of our day was spent in classroom time learning about water contaminates, and the hazards of a life spent without pure water.

The second half of the day was spent in fellowship, and in the first stages of building a water filter. We learned how to identify and grade the sand suitable for concrete mixing and the biosand media. (Photos coming soon).

The sand sorting required quite a lot of manual work--shovels of gravel onto metal filter screens that two people shake repeatedly back and fourth. The sand filtered through four sets of screens to determine the four grades of sand; the finest for the filter media, the second finest for the concrete, the third finest for a gravel layer and finally a coarser gravel layer.

Filtering is time consuming and rhythmic work, so we learned some Swahili working songs to pass the time.

If you want to learn more about Prosper's work in Burundi (his work in Burundi is very similar to our agenda for South Sudan) please join us for a small working session at Kent Lutheran on Thursday at 7pm.