Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seven Graduates: Trainers for Water and Sanitation

Congratulations to Gach, Koang, Peter, Susanne, Nyereu, Jessica and Destiny for completing the water and sanitation certification training with Friendly Water for the World. This team is now certified to train in the construction of biosand water filters and sanitation and hygiene.

Together with others from around the world, we learned how to spread the "wealth" that is clean water, health and water security.

If you're wondering what the next steps might be, we also need individuals trained in latrine construction. As surface water is the primary source of water, and the water table sits at just 11 feet below the surface, it is critical to have quality sewage control to reduce the risk of contaminating water. We're coordinating a training to be held in Kent. Please let us know if you are interested in attending, and willing to commit to at least 2 weeks of travel in early 2012 to South Sudan. More photos from the water training are in the Flickr stream and on Facebook. :) Just look us up "klcsouthsudan."

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