Monday, July 4, 2011

Water Training, Day 3

Today, July 4, we are at the third of five days of training with Friendly Water for the World where we'll learn to create biosand water filters. We're celebrating A different kind of freedom. Freedom from protozoa, from typhoid and cholera, bacteria and illness and premature death, accessible to all regardless of wealth or class, because everyone deserves it. That sounds a lot like "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" to me, don't you think?

We're hot, tired and sunburned, well, Jessica is sunburned. Class has been starting at 9:00 which means a 7:30 am departure from KLC, and we have been returning between 8pm-10pm at night. The work during the day has kept us busy, so no big blog tonight, just a link to some fun photos.

One very interesting thing we learned today is a testing method for determining good filter sand versus bad filter sand, and how to decide where to dig our sand from. Beach sand won't work as particles are too rounded, and the salt cannot be removed. All other sand needs to be as free as possible from pollutants and dust. Naturally, it isn't likely to be like that, but we learned a clever test for determining the best place to dig to save ourselves a lot of extra sand carrying, and sand washing, to ensure that all of the sand and gravel falls within the right size and volume ranges. It will help us to plan our quarry project (i.e., where to dig and where to store sand).

Photos from training so far are on Facebook.

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