Mission Trip

Malawal Upper Nile State, lower right. 
Kent Lutheran Church was blessed by the membership of a large group of Sudanese families in 2010. Their stories of war, relocation and living as refugees touched the entire congregation. Now, in the wake of Sudan's independence, many in our congregation hope to help with repatriation efforts, to assist those living as refugees around Africa, and the world to return to their homeland if they wish to.

Near-constant war since 1985 has left South Sudan's infrastructure in ruins. While refugees could technically return, they have no jobs, homes, clean water sources or schools for their children to attain any quality of life.

Our mission trips hope to make repatriation possible for those who wish to return
The Mission
KLC's mission is a multi-year-plan with a goal of creating sustainable communities. Our initial efforts focus on water and sanitation and job creation.
Short Range Goals
·         Clean water:  Install a well in South Sudan
Mid Range Goals
·         Community building:  Establish a (temporary) structure or repair the current church building to be used as a worship space and school in Malwal.
Long Range Goals
·         Worship space: Build a permanent structure worship space.
·          School Construction. Build a school building in this community which the government will assume and operate.
·         Medical: Establish a medical clinic.

Project Timeline
February/March 2012

·         Water:  Overall the results from biosand water filtration systems were mixed.  Though the water filter program didn't work in South Sudan (very disappointing), we did find a man in Ethiopia willing to manage the project.  He has constructed many filters to be placed in high-needs places (schools, orphanages and clinics) in Korah, Ethiopia (a very impoverished neighborhood in Addis Ababa).  
·         Sanitation: Latrine construction to ensure health and protect surface water was also not suited for the area due to resource shortages.  Planning will need to be done to identify future goals in this area.
·         Microenterprise: Fishing, sewing, agriculture and construction tools were shared with the community, as well as simple business plans.
·         Essentials:  We delivered clothing to approximately 300 children, established a library and makeshift school in Malwal, and provided extensive first aid care.  We hope to bring a nurse or doctor on a future mission trip since the need is so great in this area.
Photos from our first trip are available at https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/112878073023974304875/albums.  There was also a video made by the ELCA about our project viewable at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNfTOj8R8Vs.
April 2013
·         South Sudan still needs clean water! Our 2013 trip will focus on installing a well in Malwal, South Sudan. 
·         The travelers will also be delivering essential first aid and medical supplies, education supplies, Nuer Bibles and ministry supplies, and, as space permits, scarves, “Little Dresses” and “Little Shorts” from the organization Little Dresses for Africa, and KLC volunteer seamstresses.
2013 Travel Dates
Our second trip is scheduled for April 2013.  We will return to the Upper Nile state of South Sudan along the Ethiopia border. Our mission team will consist of Sudanese-born team members.
2014 Planning
To join our 2014 team, please contact us. Each team member should expect a 3-4 week trip with very primitive conditions.  Individual travel costs (to pay yourself or fund raise) are approximately $3,000. Be aware that traveling will be in "rough" accommodations, in an malaria and yellow fever risk area. Travel immunizations should be obtained several months prior to travel and antimalarial medications are advised (University of WA medical centers has travel specialists). A valid passport, and a South Sudan entrance visa are requirements for travel.
For the 2014 team we are primarily looking for medical specialists to provide first aid and administer vaccinations, people with construction (hands on and engineering) experience to help build the community building (most likely a wattle and daub construction) and to help define plans and supply lists for future permanent structures, and teachers for ESL and basic education of children and adults.