Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Short-Term Warehouse Space Needed


Our mission team is in need of some short-term warehouse space and access to a loading dock. We hope to cover part of the team's travel expenses via a used-shoe drive. (Used shoes are collected here, and sold wholesale to micro-businesses in Africa and Central America). However, we can only make this happen if we have a place to stage the shoes for the shipping container we have to fill. (If we can fill one container, we will raise $10,000 for our team!).

Here's what we need:
1. Flat floor space in a warehouse in Western WA (Kent/Renton/Auburn preferred), sufficient to mimic the inside of a shipping container (8' wide, 9' tall, and 50' long). We do not need heating or air conditioning.
2. Access at least weekly (on your schedule is fine) to add more shoes to our "collection."
3. Access to a loading dock and forklift (your operator, or our certified operator) for the day of loading the container.
4. Space available until the end of November, 2011.

Here's what we can offer:
1. Credit for a tax-deductible in-kind contribution to a registered 501(c)3.
2. Only responsible, screened individuals with access to your space.
3. We will leave the space in better condition than we got it--clean and tidy, and in good repair.
4. Insurance if necessary.
5. Our eternal and undying thanks.

If you or someone you know has commercial warehouse space available, please let Jessica Ward know at 253-350-5427 or

For more information about our mission and mission team, learn about our South Sudan repatriation efforts here.

Image credit: Bill Longshaw

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