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22 March 2013 – The Governments of Sudan and South Sudan have begun withdrawing their troops from a safe demilitarized border zone, a United Nations envoy said today, as he briefed Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the latest agreements between the two neighbors. Read more...

What does it take to vaccinate in South Sudan?  Read about the new effort starting in February 2013 here. 

Did you see Matt Damon in Fast Company? Not just a pretty face, Matt Damon is a real worldwide water hero. Check out the profile from the July/August 2012 edition here


BBC World Service's AFRICA Today: An all-Africa daily news show in English.
Adventist World Radio: AWR Sudan in Coloquial English.
CNN Africa: African Voices. Weekly newsmagazine focuing on personal stories with an emphasis on arts and sports.
VOA English to Africa Sudan in Focus: Regular news show focusing on Sudan.
UNICEF Podcast: Unicef's regular Africa podcast.
Oxford Transitional Justice Research Conference. Several of the podcasts focus on South Sudan.
Sudan Radio Project: DRP Focuses on the Darfur Region of Sudan.
Maplecroft Global Risks: Several episodes on South Sudan.
(In Itunes U) CSIS Africa

All of these can be located in iTunes by searching for the title in the iTunes store, all are available in English.

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