Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mission team departs

On Saturday, the mission team is on the way to South Sudan. We covet your prayers and support. Thank you to everyone for your support, your labor, rides to the airport, donations of aid to the community in Malual and your prayers. Thanks for spreading the word about our project on Facebook pages, with letters to friends, or inviting friends to join KLC. Approximately half of the funds raised came from outside the KLC “family.”
Going with the team is 600 pounds of humanitarian supplies. The tools and equipment to build the latrines and water filters, plus 175 little dresses and 75 shorts for children, hundreds of pencils and erasers, several pounds of undergarments (requested by the women of South Sudan). Three grain mills, twenty-two soccer balls, soccer jerseys, fifty pairs of reading glasses, dozens of children’s books, maps globes, and school materials along with dozens of pairs of shoes.
Because there are no roads in the area, we cannot send equipment by freight—everything had to be packed into checked suitcases for the airlines, and we’ll truck them ourselves.
If you’d like to pray along with the team members, the office has a list of team members, and a calendar of flights and activities—stop in for a copy!

How to follow along
We appreciate all those desiring updates from the field. Telecommunication is very difficult in South Sudan as it can only be done by mobile phone. We will call in to Jenny Morton and she’ll be posting updates for us in the following places. Team members will post while we’re in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, at the beginning and end of our trip.

To follow along, you can use any of the methods below.
1. Our Facebook page. This gets updated very regularly—sometimes several times a day with snippets of information, news, trivia, motivational quotes and news from the team. This is also the first place photos go! Find us at You must join Facebook to see updates (free).
2. The Blog: Photos and news get posted here on a regular basis. You can also see a news ticker with news from South Sudan from twitter on the right hand side. You can also find the local time there.
3. The Mailchimp account. If you forget to check Facebook or the blog, you can get the latest news delivered to your email box!
4. Check the bulletin board at the church. Just outside the restrooms at the church is a bulletin board with all the information about the team’s latest activities.
Important Dates
The team leaves Seattle on Saturday the 25th, and arrives in Addis on the 27th. After a few days to acclimate to the time change, the team flies to Gambella, Ethiopia on March 2, and will travel to Malual on March3, and should arrive late that day. On March 17, the team will travel back to Gambella, and most of the team leaves Addis on March 20th arriving in Seattle on the 21st. Some get back the 24th and 30, and five more are staying through April.

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